Kryptostudio Beta 0.1 Download

Kryptostudio is a drum-machine/drone-generator/noise-synthesizer with nifty features like:

  • √ 2 sine/saw oscillators with extensive frequency and envelope controls
  • ø 1 noise generator which can be used to design snares or hi-hat sounds
  • † feedback chain of doom.. really be careful
  • Ω lowpass-filter to spice things up
  • ∞ Ableton Link integration to sync kryptostudio to your live session
Download Kryptostudio now!

Kryptostudio will always stay in beta and improvements will be pushed regulary.

Kryptorack for Ableton Live 9 | BUY NOW for just 2.99€!


"Kryptorack for Ableton Live 9" is a collection of carefully crafted synth-drum sounds. For this one of a kind Ableton Live Pack a "Korg Electribe ER-1" was recorded via a modular system to form and distort this excellent machine! Get ready for nasty deep kicks, snappy snares and uncompromising noise! Everything is organized in a drum rack ready to play. Use the pre-configured macros to shape the sound even more and make it your drum machine!


  • √ 33 hand-crafted synth-drum single shot samples
  • ¥ ready to play ableton drum-rack
  • Ω pre-configured macros
  • ∞ infinite hours of fun!
BUY NOW for just 2.99€!